Always Compress Files

 Compression = Up to 10x Faster Transfers!

Compressing files first is not required, but...

  • It speeds delivery, and
  • Adds extra protection to your file.

How fast we receive your attached file depends on:

  • The size of your file (compressing speeds delivery by making files smaller).

The 3 Hour Limit.

The "Send with Attached Files" button has a 3 hour file transfer time limit.

How large a file can you send in three hours?

Pro Secret: By compressing your file first, you can often send files larger than the limits below. Compressing shrinks the file size.

  • 56k Modem - 30 MB
  • Cable/DSL - 500 MB
  • T1 - 1,000 MB

File Compression Utilities You Can Use

  • LAUNCH! Web Helper Free! (Mac & Windows)
    • Compresses the files for you. - Convenient!
    • Can automatically password encrypt files. - Greater security.
    • To install the free LAUNCH! Web Helper, close this window and either click the "Attach & Send" button or click the "Software Downloads & Utilities" pulldown list if they are present.
  • PKunzip or WinZip (Windows); or
  • MacZipIt or Stuffit (Mac)

 The "Attach & Send" button.

A time saving, convenient alternative to the above. It does the work for you. Requires a one-time download of our free "LAUNCH! Web Helper".

  • No time limit!
  • Built-in, automated compression.
  • Great for many or very large files.
  • Built-in 'resume where left off' option in case of interruption.



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